Wildlife Rescue and Rehab in Boquete, Panama



Open Tuesday -Sunday 

Also Available for Private Parties

Rent out our beautiful restaurant and indoor/outdoor dining area!  Perfect for birthdays, corporate events, family reunions, anniversaries and celebrations of all sorts!  Enveloped by colorful murals of wildlife and jungle themes, seated in our natural wood furniture you can relax and let us cater your event.  For evening events, you’ll enjoy the outdoor stone fireplace on the rainforest deck.  We’re flexible on the menu—though you’ll want to sample some of our specialties!

Cry for Help

Jungla despertly needs Your help to make it through this difficult crisis, My restaurant and rentals were forced to shut leaving me no way to make money to feed and care for them.

Please Help me Help Them with Food, Care and Medical Supplies, this is not there Fault.

Please Help to DONATE NOW

Every little bit Helps to help us push forward to one more day

Their Lives Depend on it