Wildlife Rescue and Rehab in Boquete, Panama



We offer four types of lodging—hostel accommodations, private apartment, master suite in the b&b, and a private luxury casita.  The casita (with its own kitchen, bathroom, sitting area, and queen-sized bed) is loved by couples, families and luxury travelers alike!  The hostel is enjoyed by volunteers, animal lovers, and travelers seeking a unique lodging experience.  Come interact with monkeys, coatis, baby goats, turtles and more, knowing that your dollars feed them and allow us to rescue others.  The hostel is clean and comfortable, with a spacious kitchen.   There is also an on-site restaurant/bar with excellent food at low prices.  Enjoy a cappuccino, beer, wine, cocktail or one of our great food specialties while watching the birds (scarlet macaws, native parrots, and more!) from our café patio or rainforest deck (where you can view wildlife migrations!).  Lounge in a hammock, take our yoga classes, or simply soak up the sun in one of Panama’s least-rainy microclimates.

Cry for Help

Jungla despertly needs Your help to make it through this difficult crisis, My restaurant and rentals were forced to shut leaving me no way to make money to feed and care for them.

Please Help me Help Them with Food, Care and Medical Supplies, this is not there Fault.

Please Help to DONATE NOW

Every little bit Helps to help us push forward to one more day

Their Lives Depend on it