Wildlife Rescue and Rehab in Boquete, Panama


Favorite food: Chicken

Pedro has been living in Jungla for ten years.

When he was brought in, his left eye was swollen shut, his beak was severed and both of his wings were cut.

It took three rounds of antibiotic treatments to cure his eye, and it took us four times to bond the beak before he could eat on his own. It took two whole years before his wings grew back.

He’s lost his depth of perception and it’s actually safer for him to be in a smaller cage where he feels more secure. We feed him chicken every day because that’s his favorite.

At night, he is also able to catch whatever small creatures (lizards, rodents and etc.) that venture into his cage. He’s happy and healthy, especially when he’s playing in his water bowl, which he treats like a swimming pool sometimes.

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Jungla despertly needs Your help to make it through this difficult crisis, My restaurant and rentals were forced to shut leaving me no way to make money to feed and care for them.