Wildlife Rescue and Rehab in Boquete, Panama


Favorite food: His favorite foods are bananas, peanuts, apples, carrots, pears and all the other yummies!

Pipo has been living in Jungla for almost three years.

He was previously one of the ponies that gave rides to the children in downtown Boquete, but ever since he developed blindness, he could no longer provide rides and was put out to pasture.

The neighbours found him wandering on the street and contacted us. We talked to the owner and he agreed to release Pipo to us, and ever since, he’s been living here at Jungla.

His gentle approaches to children made him a great “Tour guide” at Jungla and everyone loves him!

If he really likes you, he’ll brush his head up against you, like a cat!

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Jungla despertly needs Your help to make it through this difficult crisis, My restaurant and rentals were forced to shut leaving me no way to make money to feed and care for them.